NXS GROUP • Phangan Island
NXS GROUP • Phangan Island
NXS GROUP • Phangan Island
NXS GROUP • Phangan Island
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NXS Group Co., Ltd. is a leading Construction / Real Estate company established on Koh Phangan since 2013. Specialized in high-end construction project, we also offer a wide choice of lands - beachfront, seaview, jungle - corresponding to your needs and your budget, checked beforehand by us, guaranteeing you a serious and lasting purchase.
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16257 m2
built on Phangan
Koh Phangan
the island of dreams
About the real estate market in Koh Phangan
Annual rise of land prices on Phangan
growth chart
growth chart
About the real estate market in Koh Phangan
The value of real estate continues to rise, where in 7 years the price has more than doubled. People are buying more and more, especially land, even during that wild Covid-19 crisis
Life style
Koh Phangan is an island of marvelous beaches and stable sunny tropical weather all year round.
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It's a paradise for lovers of yoga, meditation, and other practices, because there are many lectures and workshops on the island. There are many interesting places and secret viewpoints.
You can go kitesurfing, play tennis, or get a massage. The nightlife of the island is famous for the biggest party in Thailand and all south-east Asia - Full Moon Party.
Online deal
To purchase land and real estate, we use an online tool that allows you to enter into a contract remotely without leaving the country. The whole process takes only few days.
electronic signature system
We’re using now a system to sign documents electronically docusign.com No need to use DHL, everything can be handled online.
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