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Architectural Work

We have a privileged relationship with Lumbania. Lumbania provide high quality design and management while remaining affordable.

Whether you are looking for a basic floor plan or a full bespoke set, you’ll be able to select among a combination of solutions.

A project is a precise instruction that tells you what to build, how to do it, and what materials to use. It is developed by an architect and a design engineer.

Construction Schedule
Construction Progress

We should point out the follow up with the customer during the construction process, including weekly report with photos, videos, videocall, construction planning update, etc … In 2022 it is very easy to centered all these information in our everyday apps like whatsapp.

We usually make a conversation group, so that we can add all the concerned parties such as the designer or the architect if needed. That way, we keep record of every update and request on a single location, it’s a huge time saver for everyone.

2022 1st Quarter Report
During this period, dismantling work was completed and rough work began (plastering the walls).
view photo report
1. Preparatory work
2. Building frame, facade, roof
3. Rough finishing, engineering networks
4. Touch Up
5. Delivery of Work
Rental Management

They offer a professional, personalized, and trustworthy property management service to keep your villa in perfect condition and take care of it as if it were our own.

Their services offer:

  • – Car rental and organization of transportation
  • – Chef at home
  • – Massages and various treatments on-site
  • – Private yoga and fitness classes
  • – Exclusive excursions
  • – Restaurant reservations
Video review
Natasha and Arnaud's video review
Ex-Owners of Villa Mirage
watch the project
Video review
Pierre's video review
Owner of CocoCool Villas
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We will take care of all the worries and stresses.
With the right partners, Construction can be a calm and predictable process
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