July 07, 2021
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Make interface elements different from each other

Whenever possible, try to make sure that when they scan your site or application, users can quickly and easily distinguish them from each other.

Buttons will take priority in most cases, so make sure they are the most visible element on the screen and are easily distinguishable from other elements (such as notifications).

Make breadcrumbs visible and easy to understand for the user

Breadcrumbs are used on sites with a lot of content, but they don’t always get the attention they deserve. With minimal settings, you will be sure that the user can easily determine where he is and where he might need to go.

This is especially useful if the user has delved deeper into the site, for example, using a search. Always try to make the last element in the chain visually distinct from the rest and make links look like links.

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All you need is subtle shadows. When used in moderation, they can serve as subtle yet powerful visual cues.The main thing is that they are barely noticeable.

Shadows in the real world are almost invisible in most cases, so you should mimic this behavior in your interfaces.

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  • Automation of work in Figma with Auto Layout and Variants
  • Use the principle of “proximity” to denote relationships between elements
  • Baseline 4pt grid + 8pt grid = harmonious vertical rhythm