NXS Group

The Company
In the early years of NXS, we decided to specialized in the entire construction of high-end properties, architect’s villas and large developments, and quickly became a leading and highly recommended company for the construction of these projects on the island, thanks to our quality of work, our integrity and outstanding customer service, that are the core values of our company.
Average turn over per year
mln USD
years operating on Koh Phangan
individual buiding were built
trained and skilled workers on the team
Gino is a French National living on Koh Phangan since 2013

He is responsible for every step of Project Management including but not limited to : Negotiation, Quantifying and Budget Calculation, Orders, Quality Control and Customers Relations.

Mastering the Thai language was, for him, the first step towards integrating into the local Koh Phangan community. Today, he is nearly fluent in both written and verbal Thai, and considers this to be one of his most valuable assets.

Having a Construction and Architectural background associated with 10 years experience, Gino is driven by his passion and his optimistic personality.

Sales Manager
Mike is a French National living on Koh Phangan since 2015

With 15 years of experience in Wealth Management, Bank Relations and Sales Team Management, along with his honesty, responsibility and dynamic skills; Mike is the face of our company.

His strong skills in Negotiation, Sales and Team Management have allowed NXS to enter in a new era, cementing us as a key player in the construction of luxury villas and developments on Koh Phangan.

Ensuring a strong Customer / Land owner relationship and putting high priority on NXS business development, Mike is always in contact with the CEO and construction teams, guaranteeing the smooth execution of every project on our beautiful island.

The Team

Our permanent workforce consists of 100 skilled and trained members to undergo the Structural Construction, as well as Roofing, Tiling, Decking, Plumbing and Sanitary Installation.

We also can provide up to 50 more workers when needed during heavy workloads.

Most of our Subcontractors (electricians, carpenters, glaziers, painters etc.)
have been with NXS since the beginning and were meticulously chosen for their
skills, reliability and understanding of our expectations from a European
We know we can rely on each other, and this mutual trust forms the
solid and unbreakable foundation of our organization.